📊Funded Dashboard

The Funded Dashboard - your hub for accessing rewards and platform data. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, our dashboard provides a seamless experience for holders to claim their share of protocol revenue and view useful data.

Direct Link -> https://dashboard.funded.trade/

Currently the main feature of the Funded Dashboard is to claim and compound your accumulated revenue share, which can be earned by simply holding the $FUNDED token.

Rev Share Distribution Specifics

Every 2 hours, our system takes a snapshot of the current token holders and distributes the funds accumulated in the revenue share pot. These funds become claimable on the dashboard based on your percentage of total token supply.

Our revenue sharing system is supported by two distinct wallets:

  1. Wallet 1: A pool where all revenue share funds are collected.

  2. Wallet 2: Funds allocated for dashboard claims are sent from here.

To ensure seamless claim processing, a script monitors Wallet 2's balance. If the balance falls below 0.2 ETH, the script automatically replenishes it.

This two-wallet system is in place to safeguard our revenue share funds. In the unlikely event of an exploit, the majority of the revenue share funds remain protected.

Claiming Your Rev Share

As your rev share accumulates, you will have two options: claim or compound. When visiting the dashboard home page, simply click "Claim" or "Compound" once you have more than ⟠0.005 in rewards.


  • Your ETH is sent directly to your wallet


  • Your ETH is converted to $FUNDED at the current market price and sent to your wallet

  • Zero buy tax and reduced gas fees when compounding

Compounding Specifics

To facilitate seamless compounding, 4151 $FUNDED tokens were sent to a dedicated compounding wallet. When you compound, your ETH is converted to $FUNDED at the current market price, and Wallet 2 sends you your tokens.

When these tokens run out, we will run a community poll to decide whether we will move additional tokens to the pool, or switch to a standard DEX buy (while still offering zero buy tax).

When a user initiates a claim, they simply send a request to our backend database, instructing Wallet 2 to send them the appropriate amount of ETH or $FUNDED.

There are no transactions to sign for claiming and compounding

Planned Upgrades

We have numerous upgrades planned for our dashboard, including:

  • View total challenge sales and how much rev share has been accumulated from them

  • View specifics on all OnChain trader accounts

  • View profits and revenue share accumulated from OnChain trader accounts

  • Much more...

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