All details regarding the $FUNDED Token.

Token Information

  • Buy Tax = 5%

  • Sell Tax = 5%

  • Total Supply = 1,000,000

  • Circulating Supply = 1,000,000

  • Contract Address = 0x83d4927d060A7A33ad838bD7ea0Ec128D58c9003

You can buy the $FUNDED token on Uniswap or any DEX aggregator

Tax Usage

  • 60% -> Funded Accounts

    • Allocated toward funding our OnChain traders

  • 20% -> Marketing & Expenses

    • Used for various business expenses and marketing efforts

  • 20% -> Revenue Share

We are currently seeking on-chain liquidity providers to allow for faster expansion of the OnChain platform, at which point we may redistribute this portion of tax or reduce it.

Token Supply

The $FUNDED token has a fixed supply of one million, which ensures scarcity and long term growth. No additional tokens will ever be minted.

Token Distribution

  • Project Treasury = 10%

  • Liquidity Pool = 10%

  • Holders = 80%

Liquidity Lock

To enhance security and build trust within our community, we have locked the liquidity of $FUNDED tokens for 1 year (Jan 2025) and will relock again in the future if necessary.

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