💰Revenue Share

Profit Distribution

At Funded, we believe in sharing the success with our community and providing long term passive income for our holders, which also causes a positive flywheel effect on token price through our optional compound feature.

The rev share distribution is based on the amount of $FUNDED tokens held by each individual. The more $FUNDED you own, the greater your share.

Revenue Share Sources

  • Token Trading Volume: 20% of the token tax

  • Funded OnChain: 10% of trader profits

  • Funded Prime: 5% of all challenge sales

We may increase the percentage of token trading volume that goes to rev share in the future, as well as allocating a higher percentage of challenge sales.


We offer direct compounding of your ETH into more $FUNDED tokens, which gradually increases your percentage of the overall supply.

All revenue share information can be accessed via our rev share dashboard, including viewing current inflows and directly claiming/compounding your ETH rewards.

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