The benefits of accumulating and holding the $FUNDED token

Revenue Share

The $FUNDED token offers a compelling incentive for token holders by paying out regularly in ETH, pulled from various sources across our ecosystem and delivered via our custom dashboard.

To qualify for revenue share you must hold at least 250 $FUNDED tokens. This ensures a higher distribution to our holders and prevents "dust" from accumulating in small wallets.

💰Revenue Share

Exclusive Perks

$FUNDED tokens grant access to exclusive groups and alpha chats, providing opportunities for individuals who may not have access to a Funded Account through traditional means.

  • Core Tier - 250 $FUNDED:

    • Access to alpha trading toolsets for identifying profitable trading opportunities

    • Access to revenue share

  • Alpha Tier - 1,000 $FUNDED:

    • Access to an exclusive chat and new role on Discord

    • Higher profit split on Funded OnChain accounts

    • Exclusive discounts on Funded Prime challenge accounts

    • Much more coming...

🔮 Future Plans

We will be continually adding more value to token holders with new features and perks, and possibly expanding to higher tiers as the project progresses.

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