Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $FUNDED token?

The heart of the Funded ecosystem.

Check out our tokenomics, you can also read about the different token utilities and our revenue share program.

What is prop trading?

Prop trading firms offer their own capital to retail investors to use, provided they are able to prove they can trade in a safe and effective way.

Funded Prime

What is Funded Prime?

Funded Prime offers traditional prop trading accounts, with some additional features unique to Funded. Account sizes range from $10k to $400k, with a scaling plan in place.

How do the Funded Prime challenges work?

Traders will first have to purchase a challenge account and hit the required profit targets while adhering to the rules of the account.

Passing a Funded Prime challenge will grant access to a Funded account where traders can earn real profit.

How much do Funded Prime challenges cost?

More details can be found here, as well as information on different account types, sizes, rules and more.

What instruments are tradeable?

There are a wide range of different instruments, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto and more.

Funded OnChain

What is Funded OnChain?

Funded OnChain is a first of its kind prop account focusing on spot trading low cap and micro cap DeFi tokens, where we provide the necessary tools and live capital for traders who are seeking out the next 100x moonshot.

Are there any challenges for Funded OnChain?

No, with you will receive instant access to spot trading capital by simply paying an upfront fee.

Can any DeFi token be traded?

Within reason, our proprietary trading app will help protect traders from bad investments, and so we will automatically block the purchase of honeypots, unlocked liquidity tokens and other common DeFi scams.

How long do payouts take?

Payouts are instant. As soon as profits are locked in traders can request a payout and receive it immediately in their linked wallet. There is a 70/20/10 profit split between traders/Funded/token holders.

Are there any OnChain benefits for $FUNDED token holders?

Most definitely. One of the main benefits for OnChain account owners is increasing their accounts' profit share beyond the initial 70%, with more perks being added as we go.

Want to learn to become a better trader?

Check out our Funded Academy to fine tune your trading skills.

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