💻Funded OnChain

Enabling on-chain traders to leverage up their capital

We are the first and only prop firm to offer spot trading accounts exclusively tailored for low and microcap crypto gem hunters. With a Funded OnChain account traders can pay a small up front fee to leverage their capital while they seek out the next 100x moonshot.

Core Features

  • Flexible account sizes (from $1k up to $20k+)

  • No daily drawdown restrictions

  • Instant funding

  • Higher profit split for $FUNDED holders

  • Cash out profits instantly, any time

  • Fully live capital

What tokens can be traded?

Rather than limiting our options to blue-chip only coins, we actively encourage our OnChain traders to find and invest in low cap gems.

Profit Split

We implement a 70/20/10 profit split, with the potential to increase up to an 80/10/10 profit split through $FUNDED token holdings.

  • 70% -> Directly to trader

  • 20% -> To Funded for additional business growth


To keep traders safe, the built-in security system in our trading platform will automatically scan tokens for the most common threats and scams in DeFi.

  • Honeypots

  • Unlocked liquidity

  • Fake liquidity

  • Suspicious code

  • Much more...

Funded OnChain Trading App

Our proprietary trading app will be available for web and mobile, ensuring OnChain traders never miss a trading opportunity. Some features will include:

  1. Trader dashboard

    • Account & trade history, PnL, stats/trading performance, withdrawals

  2. Easy account creation

    • Simply pay via your web3 wallet and receive your account instantly

  3. Simple interface

    • Comprehensive yet simple interface to suit beginners and experts alike

  4. Order flexibility

    • Market orders, limit orders, TP/SL, and our unique "take initial" feature

Sniping Bot:

  • A built-in sniping bot to give Funded OnChain traders an automatic edge over the competition.

Demo Environment:

  • A demo environment will be made available to provide traders with a risk-free testing environment.

Dynamic Drawdown:

  • Add drawdown to your account on the fly to avoid liquidation. Useful if you need a little bit of breathing room before that one token takes off!

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